On the Menu: 10th St Market to carry Caribbean items

If you’re looking for produce or prepared foods from the West Indies, a good place to start is the 10th Street Market in Bloomington, near 10th and Union. They regularly carry items like ackee, callalloo, eddoes (malanga), kabocha squash, and other fresh and packaged foods from the region.

The owners of the 10th Street Market have recently agreed to check their suppliers for harder-to-find Caribbean foods, like breadfruit, Haitian coffee, culantro, scotch bonnet peppers, Matouk’s jam and kuchela, and Goya frozen fruit pulp.

If you have any special requests, send an email to bloomington4haiti@gmail.com, or contact the 10th Street Market directly. The greater the demand, the better the supply will be!

Tenth Street Market and Deli
1823 East 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47408-3971
(812) 336-1833
See map


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