Free Haitian Creole audio from Pimsleur

Follow this link to download the 10-course Haitian Creole audio program from Pimsleur for free. The program has been donated by Simon and Schuster to support Haiti relief efforts.

*Mac users, try this link to download Mac-compatible files directly:

PC users can also download using this link. Make sure to save the file before running it:


2 responses to “Free Haitian Creole audio from Pimsleur

  1. Was this a limited offer? I don’t see how I can download it…I believe its been removed =/

    • Yes, that post was from February so I believe the audio is no longer available for free download. However it can still be purchased from Pimsleur. You may also be able to request that your local public library purchase a copy, or request it through inter-library loan. There are other Creole audio texts available, such as those published by the University of Kansas and available for download (for now) from their site at or the samples of the beginner’s text in Haitian Creole _Ann Pale Kreyol_ available from the Indiana University Creole Institute at Good luck!

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