Haiti radio show – track list

We want to say a warm thank you to everyone who tuned in to WFHB locally and online to listen to our first-ever Haiti radio show in Bloomington, Indiana.

Community radio is an amazing thing, and we had ourselves a great time playing some of our favorite songs for you from several different musical styles: karnaval, rasin, twoubadou, djazz, konpa (nouvèl generasyon), reggae…  There are so many artists we would have liked to play for you, but just couldn’t get to them in time (two hours goes by so fast!).

Here’s a list of the tracks you heard if you tuned in for the whole show. Later we’ll be posting some lyrics and hopefully a link to where you can listen to an archived copy of the radio show, if you missed it.

If you want to hear more, many of these tracks are available online (as mp3 downloads), or you can stop in at TD’s CDs and LPs in Bloomington and ask for their Haitian music. (If you want to say it in Creole, ask for “mizik ayisyen an”)

We’ll be giving them a list of the artists we played, and several others we didn’t get to, so make sure they know you are interested!

Until next time!

“Spirit of Crop Over” by Big Davy, from the Putumayo Presents: Carnival compilation cd (not actually a song from Haiti, but setting the mood for Carnival)

“Tipa Tipa” by Boukman Eksperyans, from Live at Red Rocks

“Selebre” by Alan Cavé, from the album Se Pa Pou Dat

“Retounen” by King Posse, Putumayo Presents: Carnival

“Big Boss” by K-Dans, from the album Big Boss

“Rèv an Nou” by Boukan Ginen, from the album Rèv an Nou

“Dey” by Toto Bissainthe, from the album Rétrospective (two-cd set available as mp3 download from Amazon and iTunes)

“Rasanbleman” by Toto Bissainthe, from the album Rétrospective

“Chalè Lanmou” by Tabou Combo, from the Rough Guide to the Music of Haiti

“Ayiti (Bang Bang)” by CaRiMi, from the album Bang Bang

“365 jou (remix)” by Alan Cavé, from the album Se Pa Pou Dat

“Sòlda Jah” by Jah Nesta, from the album Sòlda Jah


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